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Dr. Noah Lebowitz – Applied Kinesiology Pukalani / Makawao Maui

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  1. Anne Modarelli

    Hi. Im a member of Fircrest Golf club. I was bitten by a tick 20+ years ago and at 36 yrs of age i had a great immune system, didnt even realize it was a tick and treated it with hydrogen peroxide ( because thats what doctors wives do….our loving husbands are to busy. Like the plumber with leaky faucets) i didnt know i most likely contracted Lyme and coinfections but soon had GUT PALSY, TINNITUS, MENIERES….Just kept trucking along. Won a few golf tournaments etc…..flash forward 2014…get bitten by a tick again, behind left ear ( both times I’m in Virginia. ) This one literally brought me to my knees, lost 20 lbs in two weeks, leptomeningeal lesions in brain, Babesia Duncani as co-infection. I used to be 148 and im now 128 and have ZERO APPETITE. I feel like im literally dying. If i cant get on the golf course this year i will quit the club after being a member for quite some time. I havent played but 3xs in 2 yrs. When i have i call it my 10,000 dollar round. What do you think? Can you help me?


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