My Influences

My Influences: 

   Dr. Michael Lebowitz

     Most of what I know has come from watching my father teach and work on patients growing up. Once I started in chiropractic school I started to pick his brain more and more to try and gain some of the knowledge he has accumulated over his 30+ years in practice. Dr Lebowitz has trained over 2,000 DCs, MDs, DOs, and NDs in his protocol. He has had rural practices in West Virginia and then Colorado where he attracted patients in need from across the country. Patients often came to him after exhausting all other options seeing MDs, DCs, and being treated at the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins. After seeing these doctors they often didn’t receive the improvement they needed but Dr. Lebowitz was able to get to the root of their issue to help them restore their health, and lives, to an optimal level. He has worked on many professional NHL, MLB, NFL, olympians, cyclists, runners, etc throughout his years in practice, having great results at increasing performance. Dr. Lebowitz now practices with me in Pukalani / Makawao Maui

   Dr. Steven Gangemi, DIBAK

     I became a big fan of Dr. Gangemi after being turned onto his website,  He is a true believer in healing the body naturally and gets amazing results. What I like about Dr. G most is how he truly lives what he preaches, competing in 20 iron man, running ulta-marathons, and teaching natural movement workshops. He eats organic food, raises his own chickens, apiarist (bee keeper), and lives the healthy lifestyle he teaches. Reading his articles, attending presentations of his, and attending a personal seminar has taught me on digging deeper into patients to find the true issue in patients.

   Dr. George J Goodheart Jr

      Dr George Goodheart is the founder of Applied Kinesiology (AK) and the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK).Among many distinctions, Dr. Goodheart was the first chiropractor on the US Olympic Medical Team in 1980. IN 1964 Dr GJG first “discovered” AK when treating a patient with a chronic winging scapula, which prevented him from working. He discovered nodules located near where the muscle originates and inserted on the patient and after treating them in one treatment he was able to restore normal function, fixing his chronic issue. There is where AK started, and has expanded greatly since. While Dr GJG passed away before I earned my DC, I owe all of my treatment skills to him for initially starting the ICAK.

   Dr. JJ Gregor, DIBAK

      I have taken over 150 hours in courses from Dr Gregor, including getting certified in his International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) sponsored 100 hour Applied Kinesiology Certification course. When it comes to learning the foundations of Applied Kinesiology Dr Gregor shines in teaching the protocols developed by Dr. Goodheart. He is also an exceptional adjuster and has helped me to the learn the fine art of a chiropractic adjustment.

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