Functional Gait Assessment

    Functional Gait Assessment
       Many patients have felt good after had some type of therapy done, whether it has been from DCs, PTs, etc but then say how fairly soon after the treatment all of their issues came back. The average person takes 5,000 steps per day and has 10,000 receptors in each foot. If the bones aren’t aligned properly, or the muscles aren’t firing as they should, your body will receive “bad” input through each of these receptors. By assessing ones gait and foot function this allows us to restore proper input into your body with every step you take. A functional gait assessment allows us to determine if you are literally “walking yourself out of health” with each step you take, and if so how to correct the issue.
   Proper gait testing involves not only checking your feet, but also ensures you are wearing proper footwear. We do a thorough functional gate assessment on patients to ensure their feet are functionally working correctly and to ensure that their shoes aren’t causing any issues leading to the return of your initial symptoms.
   One of my mentor’s, Dr. Steve Gangemi, has done much research and lecturing on the importance of not only good footwear, but also having a proper gait. Using his protocols I am able to discern possible causes of gait disruption and fix them. This way you are able to walk your into health and not out of health, which often occurs with incorrect footwear and muscle imbalances. For more information regarding the research of Dr. Gangemi you can read one of his articles at: