Muscle Imbalance Therapy

  Muscle Imbalance Therapy – Origin Insertion Technique
         Dr George Goodheart, the founder of AK, was the first to discover origin/insertion technique. He found that many muscular disorders were caused by muscle inhibition. Sadly many therapies in today’s society focus on treating the spastic muscles, trying to get them to “release” when that is more often than not a by-product of an opposing inhibited muscle.
         New research has shown that when a muscle is strained the tendon is usually the first part to strain, and the belly of the muscle occurs last. By treating the belly of the muscle along with associated trigger points alone, this often ignores the damaged tendons, encouraging the patient to re-injure them. Muscle testing pre and post therapy on the muscle tendon enthesis shows that working the origin and insertion of the dysfunctional muscle on the tendons can immediately change the firing patterns of the muscle. Simplified, this means by working on the damaged area of the tendons of a muscle with decreased function we can help the muscle heal and immediately return the muscle to normal function.

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