Welcome to the site of Dr. Noah Lebowitz. My goal is to help each and every one of my patients restore their health and reach their optimal potential as quickly as possible. To be a doctor means to be a teacher, and my goal is to educate each and every one of my patients on how to regain their life.

My treatment involves identifying any potential stressors to your body and eliminating them; thus, allowing your body to return to it’s natural healthy self. These stressors could involve food sensitivities, microbial imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, structural imbalances, and many other issues. I use Applied Kinesiology as my main technique, which is then accompanied with a myriad of other techniques on dealing with whatever issues are suspected from a complete medical history, physical exam, and any necessary lab work.

My office is located in Tacoma WA. The office is easily accessible to patients from Seattle (45 minutes) and Olympia (35 minutes). The office is right across from the Fircrest Golf Club.

I look forward to working with you soon and help in restoring you back to your optimal potential!

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Lebowitz Clinic

1019 Regents Blvd     Suite #203

Tacoma, WA   98466


Applied Kinesiolgy

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