I was first treated by Michael Lebowitz DC when I started in the NHL in 1994. Playing in the NHL is extremely tough on ones body and having Dr. Lebowitz do muscular Applied Kinesiology, in addition to his specialized dietary and nutritional plans has helped me be able to play in the NHL for 20+ years. Noah Lebowitz DC worked on me with the same protocols while I played for the Dallas Stars and was able to help me increase energy and decrease soreness, helping me stay focused and healthy throughout the season.
Sergei Gonchar
4 time NHL All-Star
Stanley Cup Winner 2009
Silver and Bronze Olympic Medalist with Russian Hockey Team
Sergei GoncharStanley Cup Champion

Dr. Noah has a very unique wide-range knowledge and understanding of the body. I’ve had the privilege of working with him for the last few years and he has always been incredibly professional and helpful. He has a great head on his shoulders and has been a joy to work with. I have the utmost confidence in his ability to help identify health issues & find a solution to them.
Ryan Braun
-Milwaukee Brewers
-2011 National League (NL) Most Valuable Player (MVP)
– 6x All-Star
-2007 NL Rookie of the Year
Ryan Braun MVP

 Playing sports has always been a passion of mine and I had a goal of playing MLB.  Standing only 5’9” tall and 175 I was undersized but I played 110% and while doing so I did a number on my body every day. I was able to realize my dream of playing MLB for 2 teams and I played professionally for 13 seasons.  Baseball is a long grueling season and staying healthy is tough.  I met Michael Lebowitz and his son Noah back in 2003 in spring training.  We would always talk about some of the work that Michael did but he never did any muscle work on me until 2004.  At that time I realized how much I was missing.  From helping to find which muscles were not functioning properly (and turning them on) to putting me on a nutritional regimen for my specific body’s needs it was incredible.  Noah was always there by Michaels side, aiding in the testing, learning from “the best” and then applying his knowledge by working on me.  I only wish I had that type of work done during the season wherever I was.  Every player that I would bring around Michael and Noah fell in love with the work, felt amazing and the injuries were so much less than without the work.  Every clubhouse needs Kinesiology and guys like Michael and Noah.  There work is second to none and I give them my highest of recommendations.

Adam Greenberg
-Chicago Cubs
-Miami MarlinsAdam Greenberg
Chicago Cubs Photo Day

I first starting working with Dr. Lebowitz when I was playing professional baseball with the Oakland A’s. It was my first exposure to applied kinesiology, and it was one of the best things I ever did. The benefits were two fold. I used to have reoccurring trouble spots in 2 muscle groups that were fixed, and I learned how important the right nutritional balance was to my physical and mental capacity. 

Dr. Lebowitz revealed that I not only had a couple of food sensitivities, but I was also missing a couple key nutrients. The impact on my performance, the way I would feel day in and day out throughout the season, and how consistent I was able to play was amazing.

I only wish I had the opportunity to be exposed to applied kinesiology and Dr. Lebowitz’s work sooner, and the benefits are undeniable. I especially appreciate the fact that Dr. Lebowitz considers a complete approach, not just treating the symptoms, but he also gets to the root of the problem. 

Danny Putnam

– MLB Player, Oakland Athletics
– First round draft pick Oakland Athletics 2004

Danny Putnam DoctorDanny Putnam

As a former professional hockey scout who brought many players from Russia to the NHL as well as a personal trainer, I brought all my top athletes to Dr Michael Lebowitz for the past 20 years. This has included hockey players, cyclists, boxers, ballet dancers, etc. His treatments made these athletes less prone to injury as well as increased their performance. His recommendations as to diet, as well as supplementation, complemented the treatments and helped them stay well and energetic throughout their seasons. I have known Dr. Noah Lebowitz since he was a child. Noah apprenticed under his father and would most often assist his father with treatment while soaking in knowledge. He has become an amazing doctor already at a young age and I would highly recommend more professional athletes to see him as the situations arise. I also referred top businessmen, as well as literally hundreds of amateur athletes, who would fly from Moscow to Colorado for treatment to help them stay healthy and sharp as their schedules were often just as grueling as those of the professional athletes.

Alexei Yudin
Washington Capitols Scout


As a professional athlete, it is difficult to stay healthy and perform at an elite level throughout the baseball season. After having 2 surgeries on my right shoulder, I began receiving treatment from Dr. Lebowitz, as all other efforts did not seem to work. After his diagnosis, Dr. Lebowitz was able to identify my food allergies through his advanced knowledge in applied kinesiology allowing me to progress much faster than typical western medicine. After a few sessions with Dr. Lebowitz, I noticed a much needed improvement in my body through the prescribed dietary supplements, body adjustments and foods that I should stay away from due to allergic reactions.   I highly recommend Dr. Lebowitz and only wished I lived closer to continue treatment!

Brok Butcher
Pitcher – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
angels pic 3baseball pic 2

For thirty five years I have had a problem with constipation. It was a regular thing to take an herbal laxative every night. Dr. Noah came to my office to check me out and, among several things, found me to be deficient in magnesium. I tested on a specific magnesium and I started taking it. I have not had a problem since.

Dr. Michon Hawkins

I had a nasty rash.  Red, raised, dry, a giant oval on my face, definitely cramped my style!  MD said “eczema”, that lovely catchall term that they use when they don’t know what is wrong with you, and prescribed cortisone ointment.  The cortisone did not work.  I went to Dr. Noah.  Next time, I’ll go to him first.  With skill, insight, energy, creativity and persistence, he helped me eliminate the rash in a matter of days.  It took three visits and effort on my part.  Dr. Noah’s approach involves addressing root causes of issues.  There were three dominant factors in me causing the rash: fungus, heavy metals, food intolerances.  We had to peel back the layers of the onion in the process.  The reversal of some factors was necessary but not sufficient to result in symptomatic resolution.  By the time we addressed the third factor, the rash went away almost instantly.  I am delighted to be improving my overall health rather than just fighting a symptom with a drug that can harm organs.  
Dr. Noah’s work is brilliant and fundamental.  He will be my partner in my pursuit of health. 


Mae – Scottsdale Arizona

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